Saturday, December 26, 2009

A post for my mother: A beautiful baby and a Christmas tree lane

Well, maybe not beautiful in this particular photo, but, in person, my sister's son Ben is a little Mark Ruffalo. There's no Hollywood star as chic and lovely as my grandmother.
As for the "Christmas tree lane". . .
How many glasses of sparkling citrus champagne punch had I imbibed when I tottered down that "Christmas tree lane?" Apparently so many that I couldn't keep my eyes open. The photographer must have had a few pops himself, given the blurriness of the shot. I like it! If someone would just take becomingly blurry photos of me looking merry I would probably post nothing but pictures of myself on this blog. 

My cousin Gardner lives on the so-called "Christmas tree lane," a.k.a. Eucalyptus Avenue in the town of San Carlos, California and it is a truly magical place, one of those streets where everyone seems to go simultaneously insane on December 1. When people buy houses here, the holiday thing is a required disclosure. Gardner and his wife, Jen, hosted us on Christmas Eve and produced this crazy good Emeril Lagasse sparkling citrus champagne punch made with limoncello, vodka, champagne and lemon juice, which we stood in the driveway drinking as people paraded past. I can't recommend this punch more ardently. They served other delicious things, like a blue cheese sauce that was poured over the beef tenderloin, proof that you really can successfully gild a lily.
In other news, this was the end result of our frenzied holiday baking:

Isabel and I had many thoughts on individual cookies that I wanted to share, but we were so busy baking that I couldn't get around to posting and now it is all a distant memory. 
Owen did not contribute. He  was invited to help, but instead lay on the floor by the heater reading monster books. We were all fine with that. 

Meanwhile, our savagely wounded hen survives, though she is by no means healed. I used a whole tube of Bacitracin on her yesterday and am going to buy another one today, as well as a raccoon trap. The humane kid. It's either a trap, or a Great Pyrenees livestock dog, which would be my preference, but I would also like to stay married. 


  1. Your husband will probably not divorce you over an unwanted, unagreed upon, dog; I did not divorce my husband over the one that he brought home. (And if in your case he did, you would still have the dog, probably less trouble than the husband some days. Surprising for a creature that doesn't have oppposable thumbs.) My husband and younger son came home with a bloodhound puppy named Alice one fine sunny Sunday afternoon in September, approximately five weeks after I had in no uncertain terms told my husband that we did not need to get a dog. Sweet dog, lots of energy, lots of slobber - the house and its inhabitants appear to have been ravaged by garden slugs. Husband and dog both get to stay, just barely. Perhaps we could visit and sniff out the marauding raccoon for you.

  2. Maybe next time you go on vacation you could bring Alice to stay with us for a few days. She sounds like just the solution to our raccoon problem -- and maybe my yen for a dog.

    I heard my husband saying to someone the other night, "I keep expecting to come home and find a dog." I asked him, later, if this meant it was okay and he said no. But it sort does, doesn't it?

  3. It does not make it ok, I think it means that he sees the natural progression of animals to be bees, chickens, turkeys, dog!

    P.S. Merry Christmas!

  4. He once told me we could get any animal you don't need to walk. I took him at his word. Fair is fair and jokes aside we aren't getting a dog w.o. whole family buy in, badly though Owen and I want one.

  5. Your grandmother looks smashing in that Fair Isle sweater!

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