Thursday, December 03, 2009

I did go swimming, but shave ice is more interesting

Couldn't get off the wait list for the luau last night, so I had a second shave ice. This time, per my instructions, I ordered the shave ice (coconut) on top of a scoop of ice cream (coconut). Unsurprisingly, now I never want shave ice any other way.
But I'm confused, because this second shave ice really did resemble ground glass, as in a sno-cone. The one I'd had earlier in the day (from a stand on the street) was soft, like velvet. Which is the real shave ice?


  1. I'm still laughing over your characterization in the previous post of shaved ice as the most disappointing frozen treat ever invented. So true!

  2. LOL! The REAL one is the velvet like one :) So Smooth! :) It was great meeting you parasailing today!! :D

  3. parasailing, huh. i would say you owe us a pretty major post on that one, tipsy.
    next you'll be telling us you took surfing lessons.
    and how's that ukulele going?
    "if you like ukulele lady, ukulele lady like you....
    don't we deserve a picture or two of you engaging in extreme sports?

  4. Velvet definitely!! Now that you have tasted Shave Ice (never say Shaved Ice), feel free to belittle the mere crushed ice of snow cones.

    When I was growing up, my parents owned a manual shave ice machine. You put a big chunk of ice on it and turn the crank. The ice spins against a huge blade, creating the ice shavings. Very tiring.

    It looked something like this.

    When I bought a house, I actually got the machine, but I ended up giving it back after a few years. The thing is huge and weighs a ton. Worse, the 15 or so flavor bottles took up prime real estate in my fridge.

  5. Azure Song -- Wow, you really know your shave ice. That is an amazing machine. Next trip, I need to go try those places on Oahu, esp. the one with green tea shave ice.

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