Saturday, October 10, 2009

Taste Test: multi-green kombucha

Commercial kombucha comes in a pretty palette of girly fruit colors: pink, purple, orange, gingerberry. For a long time I have nervously eyed the multi-green, a lone snake in the flowerbed. Yesterday, Owen begged me to buy some, I guess because green is a boy color. 

Impressions: It tastes like soda made out of moss. If you call it a tonic, which changes all your taste expectations, it is tolerable -- spritzy and vegetal. Owen was not a fan. The algal sediment at the bottom of the bottle brings to mind the fatigues-colored juices emitted by cooked spinach. 

Buy again? No.


  1. Oh, thank you. They have started to sell these at the Co-Op and I was tempted to try one. But Moss Soda does not work for me. Maybe I'll try a girly one. Maybe not.

  2. haha the green scares me. I love the cranberry and th strawberry though. nice and tart!

  3. What color is gingerberry?

  4. hey tipsy, how about a little update on those bees? i feel as if they've been completely pushed off stage by the more dynamic personalities and exploits of the chickens.
    so let's have a little honey report.

  5. Yeah, are the bees wingless?