Monday, October 26, 2009

Ideas for green tomatoes?

I keep thinking I'm going to rip out our summer garden one of these days and replant with lettuce and cilantro, but I've been busy and meanwhile the tired plants keeps throwing off produce, albeit of ever diminishing quality. These are sad, grimy, hard tomatoes, but I hate throwing food away. If anyone has ideas for what to do with several gallons of green tomatoes, please let me know. I'm not sure how many fried green tomatoes one family can consume.

Last night, I remembered seeing a recipe in Viana La Place's Verdura for a green tomato and almond pasta sauce. Have I mentioned this cookbook before? It is one of my favorites, full of delicious, unique, and startlingly simple recipes that use fresh vegetables. 
If you ever see this cookbook at a used bookstore or garage sale, buy it. You will not be sorry.

La Place's green tomato pasta recipe calls for green tomatoes "with a touch of blush" of which I had many. You slice them and cook them with garlic, olive oil and slivered almonds and toss with angel hair pasta.

Not a good picture, but a good dinner.

Dessert: Crumble cake out of Gourmet Today. I've said before that I worry all the recipes from this book are going to be fine but not worth repeating. This is another of those. I've made hard Italian cookie-cakes before, and this one -- gritty with cornmeal, lemony, lumpy -- wasn't among the best. Plus, it stuck to the pan despite generous buttering. Automatic fail.


  1. green tomato pickle, green tomato chow chow (relish), green tomato pie, blackened green tomatoes, and there are various renditions of stacked fried green tomatoes that involve goat cheese and such.
    not saying necessarily that any of these are worth the trouble, but they have all been cooked and eaten by some people.

  2. I made a batch of green tomato chutney that turned out pretty well considering it was 'free food' that otherwise would have been given over to the compost. It sure did use up a lot of tomatoes. Now, though, I need to eat a lot more chutney.

  3. I seem to remember reading in some old book about green tomato pie. Have you ever tried that? That's the first thing I'd try!

  4. Tomato pie. Now that's a good dish. I vote for tomato pie.

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