Thursday, October 01, 2009

How many birthday cakes does a boy need?

A kid needs 28 birthday cakes. One for the friends party, one for the family party, and 26 cupcakes for school.
I was thinking of buying the cupcakes (tired, who cares), but Isabel wanted to bake them. She favors the Magnolia Bakery recipe which is reprinted here and which we have made 20 times and love. She was going to color the buttercream frosting pink, but I told her, it's your brother's birthday, any color but pink. 

So she made. . . 

Gay Pride cupcakes. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Such a hit they were at school that Owen traded the extras for action figure cards. He was very pleased with the exchange, but I've seen those cards and they were cut from the back of a cereal box. He totally got rooked. 

Today he's going to learn to bathe chickens at 4H. Just thinking about that cracks me up.

My review of Nick Hornby's new novel is here


  1. you'll have to tell us if bathing a chicken is like bathing a cat. Both wet and neither happy!

  2. Your school lets you bring homemade treats? How innocent and charming! I feel jealous.

  3. Am so jealous on two counts: one: my son's class has kids with allergies to nuts, peanuts, eggs, milk, shellfish, coconut, and cinnamon. I have no flipping clue how to make a decent cupcake with none of the above. Two, my online reading group ( Tipsy would probably remember her) is reading Juliet Naked and I can't get a copy around here for love or money! Well, money I'm willing to spend, anyway. Think about dropping by the discussion around Halloween!

  4. Meme GRL -- I'll send you my copy. Wait, I'll send you a proper email about this.

  5. Imagine making cupcakes from scratch. How wonderful!

    Cupcakes and school..interesting. In Boston we can bring in anything we want anytime. homemade or not. In Portland OR - no cupckakes - homemade or store bought. no sugar in
    school...seems sort of sad to me who loves sugar.

  6. I also am shocked that you could bring homemade treats, and trade food -- what kind of free spirited craziness is this community you inhabit? Your people have clearly escaped the culture of fear. (Congratulations.)
    (Although I can't say I wish I had to make cupcakes.)

  7. that sister/brother picture is the best yet for tipsy. a classic. speaking as one who had an older sister once upon a time, i can tell you it brought it all back: the good, the bad, and the ugly.
    how clever of isabel to inflict the pink on him with a sweet smile on her face. how innocent (and practical) of him to care less. clearly he just wants to gobble them up.
    your blog is better than any reality tv ever. because it's really REAL!

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