Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sleeping it off in Rapid City

Indian taco, eastern Idaho. 

I intended to blog regularly on this vacation, but internet access has been nonexistent in the campgrounds and cabins where we've been staying. And now that we're in the posh Mt. Rushmore Holiday Inn with wifi, I can't remember any of the fascinating things I was saving up to say.

Vacation has been excellent so far, though has involved far too much driving.

A few things: 

1. I've been trying to track down local honey at our various stops, and only just today managed to find my first  jar -- at a gas station in Sheridan, Wyoming. The gift shops at Yellowstone sold Wyoming "honey" but it was doctored with berry flavors, which is ALL WRONG! I want to taste the local flowers, not "grizzlyberry."

2. Speaking of Yellowstone: amazing. 

3. One of our chickens died. The neighbor boy who is caring for them called and said he found the bird outside our fence, lying face down in the grass with a bloody beak. He doesn't know what happened. I suspect a cat. 

4. Not food-related but my review of Reality Check by Peter Abrahams is here. He's my favorite suspense writer, though as I say in the piece, this isn't his best book. 


  1. So, is that fry bread being used in the Indian taco? Pardon my ignorance if it's not, never seen fry bread but imagine that's what it might look like.

    Thanks for the book review link. I've added this author to my list. For the last two weeks I've been immersed in a new discovery (Laura Lippman) and I look forward to trying Peter Abrahams soon.

  2. Laura Lippman is good! Especially her standalone books. Yeah, that was fry bread and it was yummy.

  3. Glad you checked in. It will be good to have you back in full glory soon.

  4. I bought The Sweet life in Paris. charming quirky read. thanks for the recommendation. looking forward to trying the recipes.