Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lemons & cherries

Limoncello on the left, cherry bounce on the right. I started the limoncello (using this recipe) a few months ago, letting the lemon peel -- stripped of all pith -- macerate in vodka. The other day I added sugar syrup and more vodka, and now it has to stew for another month or two. I must say, the tiny taste I took was vile. I've given it my best over the years, but I just don't love vodka. 

I do love bourbon, and the cherry bounce is equal parts unpitted cherries and Jim Beam. It sits for a few months, then gets mixed with sugar syrup and bottled. Sounds like it might taste like cough syrup, but the name is so great I had to give it a shot.


  1. Tipsy - I'm thrilled to see you're experimenting with infusions! Selfishly probably, since I have been dabbling with a lavender vodka (sorry) which I am LOVING - especially when used to make a meyer lemon drop and/or grown-up lemonade. Your Cherry Bounce sounds as though it would make the quintessential Manhattan (perhaps just what is needed to help get you through the current bee malaise)!

  2. I use a Spanish grappa instead of vodka; great results.


  3. Gorgeous photo! Makes me want to lead a lush life...

  4. "Pith"? Whatzit? In any way related to pith helmet or just to pith?