Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Sweet Life in Paris: Short & sweet

Fromage blanc souffle: delicious. Like a very mild, fluffy, not-too-sweet cheesecake. David Lebovitz calls for sprinkling the top with sugar before baking so it forms a crispy, candy-like crust not unlike creme brulee. Big hit. 

Bunch of girls over here today doing naughty teen things (or so I suspect) on the computer and then running out and playing with the chickens like they're in second grade. Twelve is a funny age. To feed them, I "whipped up" some of Lebovitz's chocolate yogurt snack cakes because I am June Cleaver. 

They seem to appreciate the cakes. I'm not even tempted. I love that about chocolate. 


  1. i tried to get david The Sweet Life for our anniversary, but alas it was no where to be found in local bookstores and philosophically i cannot shop on amazon...

  2. that looks so divine... I'm thinking raspberry coulis to go with...