Sunday, June 28, 2009

Home tomorrow

Last night of vacation. Am upholstered in mosquito bites, smell like a campfire, and have melted marshmallow in my hair. Arms are sunburned and epically freckled. They are also, I notice, massive. Wow. I need a long-sleeved shirt. And an exercise class. And a diet. And a shower. 

It's been an excellent vacation! Lots of hiking and scenery, some camping, more than enough ranch dressing and french fries. Very little culinary to report except that "local" and "organic" are concepts that have made no headway in Wyoming and South Dakota. We did not once see "grass-fed" beef on a menu, though we saw plenty on the hoof.


  1. Sounds like you had a great vacation! Not surprised to hear of the lack of organics and local produce. I've visited plenty of restaurants in prime agricultural country where the only vegetable on the menu is iceberg lettuce and the rest of the food is "pre-packaged industrial."

  2. That red amaranth with pasta looks so good. I never heard of it. I have been eating pea greens from the "Local Food" store. Do you grow them? they are delicious.