Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Home is comfortable, but a little boring

Came back from vacation to a garden gone beserk.

Lots of beans.

Lots of tomatillos. Too many tomatillos. What to do with these? 

The Kerala red amaranth started to bolt in our absence.
I parboiled the leaves, which leaked red juice in the manner of beets. Sauteed them with garlic and tossed with whole wheat pasta shells. After 10 days of cheeseburgers, granola bars, and motel breakfast buffets, this was a perfect meal. 

Boys went to see Transformers II and Isabel and I ate this girly vegetarian dinner while watching Secret Life of Bees. So many thoughts about that movie. Don't know where to start! I want to live in a pink house in the South and bottle honey and be all centered and wise and nurturing like Queen Latifah, fearlessly speaking calm truths to scary white men and swarms of bees and Dakota Fanning.

It was a silly movie, but pretty good.


  1. Tomatillos freeze well. Just take the paper off first. I can never get enough roasted tomatillo salsa!

  2. Tomatillos are an invasive plant, which will take over any and all space near them. We once had 2 plants that filled to overflowing a 10 by 18 foot abandoned dog ru.

    I love them.

    Baked, boiled and fried, not all at the same time, however.

  3. that would be a dog run<-- missing lette

  4. I haven't seen the movie, but the novel was good.