Monday, October 27, 2008

Too Delicious?

I love cardamom cake because it is delicious. But I love it even more because it is not too delicious. By which I mean, you eat a slice and it's wonderful, but you don't need another slice right away. It's perfect, and it's enough, and you can move on to other things. 

Then there are those desserts that are too delicious. Like Rice Krispie treats. Like the chocolate chip cookies I baked last night (recipe source: Dorie Greenspan's Baking) and which are ruining my life. I don't even like chocolate, and I can't stop eating them. It's not just me. Isabel -- the most restrained eater I have ever known -- had six of them for breakfast. (Yeah, I know. Wrong. Whatever.)

And so I have a new theory: This is why Americans are fat! Our desserts are too delicious. Cardamom cake is a Swedish dessert, and aren't most Swedes pretty fit and healthy, skiing all over the place and jumping in and out of saunas? The Italians are skinny because. . . biscotti. Has anyone ever been tempted to eat too many biscotti? And French desserts -- mousse, fruit tarts, macaroons, fruit jellies. Lovely! But not more-ish in that demonic way of homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Along with the moderate wine drinking and modest portions, those wily Europeans really do have it all figured out: Make sure your national desserts aren't too delicious.

Ugh. Can not bake these cookies ever again. 


  1. 3 cookies after school which equals 4 cookies.

  2. I keep frozen balls of chocolate chip cookie dough in my freezer almost as a staple. We have actually taught our children to call them vitamins, because we are the worst parents.

  3. both of you (tipsy & layne) are my parenting heroines, so bask in that.

    and your theory is good tipsy. i'm curious, did those cookies contain a good amount of salt? the most addictive desserts for me are the salty ones.

  4. it's funny you should say that about salt, 8:46 p.m.
    Dorie Greenspan gives a tip that if you like salt you should add a touch extra to the cookie recipe -- which I did. And it made all the difference. Fortunately, the evil cookies are now GONE.