Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Charleston Cuisine: Sticker Shock

That only looks like a photograph of two little veal chops. 

Actually, it's a photograph of $25.98. 

I haven't eaten a lot of veal in my life, and I now I realize why. Initially the plan was to buy four chops, but I just couldn't do it -- when I saw the final dollar figure on the digital scale, I had to ask them to put two of them back. The whole experience basically ruined my day. Plus, the butcher was kind of mean about it all. 

Which is the first problem with Louis Osteen's Charleston Cuisine: holy s*** it's expensive! He's all about veal, New York strip steaks, crab cakes, fresh tuna, and squab. All these lavish "fat of the land" recipes. I forgot how much I resent fancy chef books. Should be an entertaining week.


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