Thursday, October 09, 2008

Arabesque: Less Steak, More Beans

Those are the last pistachios I'm going to buy for a while. Extravagant!

Lean times coming to our house. I'll leave it at that. Yesterday I considered brushing the mold off the pita bread and serving it. I also considered using some rancid walnuts instead of opening a fresh pack.

Didn't. But that's where we're at, and I think it's going to get a lot worse, no matter who is elected. (In case you were wondering, the Baker is voting for Barack Hussein Obama. This terrorist food is so doggone good!)

Meanwhile, I bought new pita and opened a fresh pack of walnuts and here's what I made, all of it out of Claudia Roden's Arabesque:

Chicken Fattet. You poach chicken, remove meat from bones, and pour the chicken and some of its broth over a bed of toasted pita, bake, and top with mint-spiked yogurt. Kids wiped off the yogurt, refused to touch the pita, liked the chicken. Resembled last night's fabulous chickpea dish, but not as delicious. And more expensive. And harder.

Muhamarra: Walnuts, pomegranate molasses, and moist bread pureed to a paste and spiced. Serve on a plate as a "salad." It tastes wonderful but there's something disgusting about the texture. Something .  .  . masticated.
Eggplant with Pomegranate Molasses. Roasted eggplant coarsely chopped and tossed in a sweet-tart dressing. Not great.

Pistachio cake. See photograph. A souffle-type pastry -- nubbly and green -- over which you pour rose water/sugar syrup. Damp and sweet and lovely and reviled by children.

Tonight: Leftovers.

Tomorrow: Stone soup.


  1. Loved everything. Ate too much and Stella could not stop eating the chicken and as JR and I know she does not love chicken. Thanks for the last minute invite it was wonderful!

    Ah Pine Nuts!

  2. Ooh, just think if we voted according to cuisine! Poor England would have to import all their civic leaders. Ha! I kid. I love English food--especially Yorkshire pud.

  3. British food is great! Clotted cream? Scones? Shortbread?

    I made that little joke about Obama/terrorist food yesterday before I saw this:

    Which ruined my day and made me feel bad for the joke.

  4. Mmm, scones . . . Maybe you should do English food. I voted for French, but was unheeded!

    People at rallies are weird! It reminds me of that part in Monsters, Inc. where they're talking to the eyewitnesses of Boo's rampage, and that one monster says, "I tried to run, but the kid picked me up with its mind powers and shook me like a dog!" That's what it's like.