Monday, October 13, 2008

Banana Muffins

Got up early to make muffins (Bread Bible recipe) using overripe bananas I had put in the freezer, of which I have approximately a dozen, some of them several years old. 

(Probably more than you needed to know.)

I took one bite and realized that I had forgotten to add the sugar. The muffins tasted like bananas and baking powder.

Mark liked them and didn't even notice. Isabel thought they were "a little weird." And Owen said, "These muffins are too sugary!"

A discerning crowd, my family.


  1. you always make me sound mean and nasty on the blog! I don't like bananas anyway and i never said I thought they were weird!

  2. Dear Thanksalot,
    You may not have thought they were weird, but what you said was, "these are a little weird." You said it in a gentle way, and I don't think I made you sound mean and nasty. But if that's really how it came across -- I'm sorry. You're neither mean nor nasty, but a very sweet daughter.


  3. Molly Green likes muffins, but she doesn't like cupcakes.

  4. They look pretty good to me!

    Yes, in case you ever see this, Tipsy, I am a fan who's gone back to the beginning of your blog in the absence of posts from this year. Just think that back then we thought *Sarah Palin* was beyond the pale in terms of presidential material! Despite my own bad memories of that time of bank defaults and layoffs and foreclosures, it's really a pleasure to go through and read these—I started doing it the other night as an escape from another nasty election and was soon laughing at loud and marveling at how cute and little your kids were. Thank you so much for all you shared! I hope your family is well!

    I also bought and enjoyed your cookbook, and for a time was using Isabel's chocolate chip cookie recipe (that time being when I was less lazy and inclined to make blondies). ;)