Thursday, October 16, 2008

Arabesque: Ouzi

Oh God, that picture is enough to make me consider vegetarianism, but it was the best I could do with everyone sitting there waiting for me to get done with the photography so we could start dinner.

The name of the dish is ouzi. Here's Claudia Roden in her Arabesque headnote: "A central part of every grand Arab feast is lamb -- shoulder or leg -- cooked a la cuillere (to such a tenderness that you can eat it with a spoon) accompanied by rice with ground meat and nuts."

This ouzi was not spoonable, though I have made such a roast before and it was indeed fit for a sheikh. This was firm and slightly dry, very nice with some of the pan sauce. My father ate fourths while teasing me about politics. 

On the side, I served beets with yogurt (B) and zucchini with vinegar, mint, and garlic (A-). 

The kids ate the lamb and nothing else. But as of yesterday afternoon, I'm down with that. I will serve dinner, and encourage them to try it and love it, but if they don't -- hey, I'm copacetic. It's the Bread and Jam for Frances approach, and it worked for the badgers, so maybe it will work for us. 


  1. It was delicious, and the leftovers you sent home with me were just as good for lunch today.
    I hope the teasing was gentle enough.
    Try those picky kids on the figs I brought. Then you will be able to tell them you told them so some day when they figure it out.

  2. i am sure this meal was delicious, but the photo looks like it might have been styled by hannibal lector.

  3. Dear anonymous 8:32,
    It was styled by moi. I do like fava beans.