Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Alice Waters: Spaghetti, Meatballs & Goodbye

Amazing dinner. Amazing pasta night! Spectacular finale to the hugely successful Alice Waters experiment. She may speak in a breathy, babyish voice and prefer to address only to her elite friends, but her recipes really work, damn it.

Justine and Stella joined the usual Wednesday night crew to make Waters' spaghetti and meatballs (Simple Food) with some focaccia (Simple Food) on the side, just in case we didn't get enough carbs. 

The pasta was, as usual, tender and lovely. The meatballs: fluffy and flavorful. The focaccia, well, it was tasty enough, but I'm loyal to my old Jack Bishop recipe so this is one I'll probably not bake again.

Dessert: A staggeringly delicious and buttery free-form apple tart (Simple Food)  with leftover clove ice cream (Chez Panisse Desserts.)

I know I promised a post about pickled watermelon rind, and it's coming. We opened a jar and nibbled at it while making our pasta tonight. But I failed to take a striking picture when there was natural light and the stuff is GORGEOUS. It deserves the star treatment. So, I'll post about this excellent preserve -- and offer my earnest summation of the Alice Waters experience --  in a few days when I return from a short business trip.


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