Thursday, September 04, 2008

Alice Waters: Lasagne & More Sarah

A staticky radio broadcast of the Republican Convention accompanied the preparation and consumption of Alice Waters' tomato and cheese lasagne (Pasta, Pizza, Calzone) and cherry sherbet (Desserts) on Wednesday night. 

Our evening, condensed:

Checka: Do we have to listen to that noise?

Tipsy Baker: Yes.

Dita: I would like some ice in my wine, if you don't mind.

Tipsy Baker: I can't BELIEVE she just said that. No, not you Dita, I was talking about Sarah Palin.

Checka: How's middle school, Isabel?

Isabel: Fine.

Checka: Do you have any new friends?

Isabel: Not really.

Checka: Any interesting classes?

Isabel: I don't know.

Tipsy Baker: Did you HEAR that?

Checka: This lasagne is heaven!

Isabel: It's too cheesy.

Tipsy Baker: It's not worth making fresh pasta when you put it in lasagne.

Checka: Oh, I disagree. These noodles are very delicate.

Owen: Can't we turn off that noise?

Tipsy Baker: Be quiet, I'm listening.

Dita: I like McCain.

Tipsy Baker: What's wrong with being a community organizer?

Isabel: I don't want any sherbet. I don't like cherries.

Tipsy Baker: I'm tired of sherbet, too.

Isabel: All these Alice Waters desserts are fruit based.

Tipsy Baker: Aren't most people terrified of pit bulls?

Checka: You're really obsessed. I think we need to leave.

Tipsy Baker: What did you say?


  1. thanksalot9/5/08, 7:38 AM

    You brought the radio to the dinner table. And i did convince you to turn it off you just don't want to admit it. I did... you....she... i can't even tell you all the mistakes you made in that list or whatever that is. But it was a very funny atempt

  2. As ever, I appreciate your acerbic commentary, thanksalot.

  3. loved this post. a poem. it's a great poem. send it to the new yorker.