Sunday, September 28, 2008

Whimsical Bakehouse: An Interlude

I am taking a short break from Arabesque for reasons I will explain. 

A while back I decided that my family members (a.k.a. prisoners) should have a say in choosing the cookbooks from which I cook our meals. Big of me, don't you think? Isabel started us off with the Cuisine of California, and now it's Owen's turn. 

It was his birthday this week and he chose The Whimsical Bakehouse cake book. I tried to convince him to change his mind, as this is basically a book of elaborately decorated, garishly colored party cakes.

He declined. 

Fair is fair and I will give it my best shot, though cake decorating is not my forte.

I asked Owen to explain his choice:

Tipsy Baker: Why this book?

Owen: Because I like desserts and cakes and stuff and sweet things.

Tipsy Baker: But I have a lot of dessert books. Why this one?

Owen: Because it has a lot of pretty designs and it's a challenge and you've been doing this a long time and I thought you should get on to something more fancy.

Tipsy Baker: Anything in particular you want me to make?

Owen: The spotted cake. And "Summer Nights," and "Sunflower."

Tipsy Baker: What was your favorite book we've cooked from so far?

Owen: The Alaska cookbook. Because we went to Alaska and I thought it was amazing. And I kind of liked -- what was it called -- oh yeah, the baked Alaska.

Tipsy Baker: What is your favorite thing to eat?

Owen: Lamb steak.

Ed. note: Lamb steak? What the hell is lamb steak?


  1. May we say without debate that cake does not rate?
    Would a brownie with nuts more often make the cut?
    Is not fudge of any sort more welcome in any port?
    Pie, no one would argue, is more coveted cargo.

    Any out there care to contend that cake is ever really that good? (Carrot cake excepted.)

  2. lamb steak is the only kind of steak owen will eat. so if you make pork steak he won't eat it so a tip every time you make some kind of meat besides chicken tell him it is lamb steak. Did my interview sound as embarasing as his did?

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