Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Arabesque: Lebanese Pizzas & Turkish Shampoo

A quickie this morning because, because, because. . . 

Those are Lebanese lamb pizzas, which looked ravishing in the photograph in Claudia Roden's Arabesque. Prepared and shot by me, they look a little untidy, but still kind of appetizing, no?

And so they were, though I'll not rush to make them again. My children were very unenthusiastic.

On the side, I made Roden's roasted red pepper, tomato, and apple salad, a Moroccan dish that sounded so strange I had to try it. It was actually not strange at all and very tasty, one of those cooked, relishy salads you might eat with pita bread.

And for dessert: Turkish rose water rice pudding

This was INTENSELY rosy, which according to Arab folklore will give you an INTENSELY rosy outlook on life. So that's something in its favor. Mark said this pudding tasted like "delicious shampoo," and though I generally love milky, aromatic desserts, I had to agree. 


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