Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Dilemma

For Christmas I gave my piano teacher, Elenor, a bottle of Prosecco. Every few weeks she asks when I can come over and open it with her. Yesterday when she invited me for the fifteenth time, I agreed to stop by for a little glass. A split second later, I remembered I'm supposed to be on the wagon until August. 

Should I . . . 

a. Cancel our 8 p.m. appointment 

b. Go to Elenor's house, let her open the bottle of Prosecco for herself, then request a cup of chamomile tea (which will make her self-conscious)

c. Warn her before she opens the bottle that I won't be imbibing so that she, too, will feel compelled to sip chamomile tea (which will make her all sad and dreary)

d. Have a polite glass of Prosecco and break my 90-day pledge -- but go back on the wagon tomorrow

e. Split the bottle of Prosecco with Elenor, buy a jug of Old Crow on the way home, and scrap the pledge

Advice, please!



  2. Well, I guess balabanian has a strong opinion on the matter. I am not exactly Miss Manners, but I suggest you frankly explain your dilemma to Elenor and throw yourself on her mercy.

  3. The answer from anonymous is mine.

  4. You must have a drink with her and then return to the wagon, on Monday.

  5. Oh lord, i just realized that i said the wrong thing. here is what i meant: DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. i know that's what you ended up doing, but i am very mortified that i was misunderstood to have voted for the so-very-wrong C. C was in fact the worst answer! Though, i suspect anyone who knows me and my thoughts on drinking and making others at home, would know something was not right.