Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Cuisine of California: Lost

If you have seen this cookbook, please call 415-388-1780. Ask for Jennifer.

After I made Diane Rossen Worthington's sour cream coffee cake yesterday morning, I somehow misplaced my copy of her book. Perhaps in the recycling bin? Or maybe one of the carpenters "borrowed" it? As you can see, it had split in two during recent heavy use, but I would still like it back, if only for that lemon rice recipe.

Isabel graduates from elementary school this morning and we are flying to Anchorage this evening. In between, we have to pack everything in our whole house into boxes so the painters can paint and the floor guys can finish floors while we are gone. We also have to pack our suitcases for the trip. We are in really big trouble here. Plus, I have to pick a few more paint colors. I am drawn to food names, of course. Lemon sorbet. Pistachio. I think I like Praying Mantis green better than Pistachio but I'm not sure I can paint a room Praying Mantis.

Most importantly, I have to finish a long overdue revision of a story about Sebastopol and that is what I am going to do RIGHT NOW. Top of my to-do list at 5:14 a.m.

Do you think anyone has done a blog that consists entirely of daily to-do lists? It could be fascinating, especially if it collected the to-do lists of anyone who wanted to contribute. Preferably with photographs of said lists scrawled on the back of Safeway receipts, typed on heavy stock paper by a secretary, written upon the human hand.

Procrastinating. Sebastopol.


  1. Three comments:
    1. mayonaise is a great paint color. and a great food. goes to show you.
    2. all readers will also enjoy The Baker's excellent story on San Francisco's Mission District in this month's Via Magazine (not yet online or i'd provide the link)
    3. love the to-do list idea. another blog in the tb empire!

  2. Dear Tipsy:
    I'd like to offer you a to do list for today: post something to let us know that the grizzlies didn't get you! and a few words on the vittles in the northern parts would be welcome if you have the time!
    Your loyal reader, J.B.

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