Monday, June 16, 2008

Cuisine of California: Triumph at Last

Last night's was the best meal I've cooked since I started blogging. We took a family vote, and it was unanimous. I'm still a little breathless. 

And to think just a few days ago I was about to give up on the Cuisine of California.

The menu:

-Halibut with apples, ginger, and cider vinegar. The sauce called for a cup of whipping cream. Very '80s, but very effective. Owen ate a half pound of this, then said, "More chicken please." 

-Sugar snap peas and red peppers. Flavored only with butter and salt. Isabel had fifths.

-Lemon rice with capers and parsley. Buttery, tangy, capery.
-Cheesecake souffle. Pictured above, lavishly decorated by Isabel. Okay, maybe not the best cheesecake ever -- this was from the school of sweet and fluffy as opposed to dense and tart. Still, it was pretty awesome.

But what really made the dinner memorable was this: No one cried, or shouted, or stormed upstairs. No one complained, or pushed their food around their plate. Everyone sat there. Everyone talked. Everyone ate. 


  1. that's happy. could it have something to do with the impending end of school and family vacation? a little huddling together? i want more details on how that fish was cooked. i can't picture it.

  2. eureka! voted the best by the whole family. looks like we have a meal for marion. even features fish. perfect.
    can't wait. mray