Friday, June 13, 2008

The Cuisine of California: Doldrums

Yesterday, I wrote a post about our unhappy, high-pitched morning (Tipsy: Owen, please bring your cereal bowl to the sink. Owen: You're treating me like a SLAVE! Waaah!!!) and then thought better of it and took it down.

I'm having a blogging identity crisis. I started out wanting to write only about cookbooks, and have ended up writing extensively about family life. For a while I thought I had the balance worked out, but lately I've become terribly self-conscious. Maybe because I no longer have dramatic Asian meals to describe, only Diane Rossen Worthington's humdrum pots of vegetable soup (being eaten, if not with great enthusiasm, in photo above) and olive oil and pine nut bread (she puts white wine in her bread dough, so very '80s.)

This morning I made a big bowl of country garden pasta salad (also very '80s) for the kids' lunches. Isabel just took a bite and said she "doesn't like the idea" of it sitting in her lunch box all morning.


See? I couldn't even stick to cookbooks for the duration of a single post.

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