Sunday, January 02, 2011

Thanks y'all and Happy New Year!


What a trip.
Thank-you for all your suggestions. Very quickly, mostly in pictures, a New Orleans restaurant report.

catfish po-boy

The line was out the door at Casamento's -- and I was the only one willing to wait -- so we went down the street to the Ignatius Eatery for catfish po-boys and boudin-stuffed meat loaf. I was grumpy about this, but the food turned out to be fantastic.
Harry Potter.
Owen barely spoke the entire trip.

The line for the Central Grocery was out the door -- and I was the only one willing to wait -- so we went down the street to the French Market and ate muffalettas from a stall. I was grumpy about this, but the sandwiches turned out to be fantastic.
mediocre oysters, wet and gray
The line for the Acme Oyster House almost wrapped around the block and even I was not willing to wait, so we went across the street and ate oysters at Felix's, where the line merely stretched out the door. I was grumpy about this.
worth the money

The best thing I tasted in 2010: bananas foster at Commander's Palace. I don't even like bananas. 

I wanted to go to Cochon, August, or Herbsaint, but the only place we could get a reservation on New Year's Eve was Pascal Manale's
Awkward photo, but classic tableau with Harry Potter and 899th (?) drink of 2010

While it's no Commander's Palace, Pascal Manale's was very festive and we had a great time. I had barbecued shrimp. 

My resolution is the same as it was last year: 100 drinks for the year. I lost count during the trials of 2010, but have high hopes for 2011.


  1. The catfish poboy looks awesome! Hope you had a good time.

  2. Lousiana is one of the last five states I have to visit. Thank you for scouting the eating plan for me in advance. Happy new year--I know it'll be a strange one, but I hope turning a page brings some comfort. (It didn't for me, but some people feel better when it does.)

  3. I just wondered if people notice you in restaurants taking pictures of your food before you eat it and think "What is up with that?"

  4. I think "food photos" must be fairly common anymore, what with everyone blogging, online restaurant review sites, facebook, twitter, etc.

    Tipsy, I must know where you got that fabulous skirt you're wearing in the photo!

  5. I'm so glad someone noticed the skirt! I was so proud of it. I bought it in New Orleans at a very cute store called Lissy on Magazine Street. I wanted to link, but their web site is under construction.

    Some restaurants are too formal for picture taking. I couldn't bring myself to pull out the camera to take a picture of my plate at Commander's Palace, for instance.

  6. Funny, you didn't seem grumpy at all! So fun to read your restaurant reviews and hear about your visit to NOLA.

  7. Tips, I'm so glad you didn't wait in line for all the touristy favorites -- NOLA is loaded with so many great places to eat, and clearly you found some gems.

    Re: Margaret's comment about photos in restaurants ... I just read a piece in Food & Wine in which the author writes, "When a camera flash goes off in a restaurant, I no longer around for the birthday party -- I look for the food blogger." :-)