Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just like Carrie Bradshaw

About an hour ago.
A friend of mine razzed me about never posting photos of myself unless they're really flattering and kind of glamorous. Like when I'm wearing a new skirt and drinking a cocktail at a restaurant in New Orleans on New Year's Eve. You know who you are, "friend." This one's for you.


My husband's phone takes better pictures than my camera.
Last night I made Dorie Greenspan's pissaladiere from Around My French Table. It's an onion tart with anchovies and olives, traditionally made in the South of France. I told Owen it was pizza and he ate it, but said he didn't like it as much as normal pizza. I wouldn't expect him to, and was impressed that he ate it at all. I thought the pissaladiere was delicious and very handsome.

Sometime you start cooking from a book that looks very enticing (Mixt Salads, Platter of Figs) and then the recipes keep disappointing and you end up wanting to throw the enticing book into the fireplace.

And then there are books like this one, that look old-fashioned and predictable, but in which every recipe is so well expressed and works so beautifully that you decide you want to cook everything, even the veal marengo. It's like in college, when you realize that it's not the subject that makes a class interesting, it's the professor.


  1. Wait, it wasn't pizza? It was an onion and anchovy tart, and you told Owen it was pizza? Shouldn't we be de-stigmatizing onion-and-anchovy tarts by not trying to pretend they're pizzas?
    This gives Owen more fodder for his book "Lies My Mother Told Me."

  2. Georgia Jewel1/17/11, 5:48 AM

    I love that picture. A working mom who loves her kids and is a perfect snapshot of modern family life, complete with a snuggly kitty.

  3. I kind of like glamorous more. It gives us all something to asire to.

  4. Very nice photo. That's what we all look like while blogging anyway (in my case: insert dog and man in place of boy and cat).
    I'm not sure about anchovies...I'll have to take your word for it. Does the tart taste fishy? I'm afraid I'd be as picky as Owen.
    I started a silly little blog and included a link to your Justin Cronin recommendation. If I ever get off the couch and into the kitchen I'll try some of the recipes you've recommended too.

  5. Hi, I've been lurking and enjoying your blog for a long time now but this image is the one that made me want to say something to you.

    You are beautiful. Your kids are are stunning and this cozy picture just makes me happy.

    Now, back to work you. I can't procastinate without your help.

  6. From one Jennifer to another -- thank-you!