Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Is it just me or is it salty in here?

On Friday, Isabel baked these chocolate cookies from Barbara Lynch's Stir and they are blockbusters. I don't even like chocolate, and I particularly don't like chocolate with cinnamon, which these also contain, but trust me: they are cookies for the scrapbook. Somehow, Lynch strikes the perfect balance of overbearing chocolate and obnoxious cinnamon, enabling the two flavors to neutralize and complement one another. But what really takes these cookies over the edge is the sprinkling of sea salt on top -- just like in the famous New York Times chocolate chip cookie recipe. The recipe for Lynch's cookies can be found here

We were so enthusiastic about these cookies that on Saturday, when asked to bring a dessert to my cousin's house, I made salted caramel cupcakes, the wonderful recipe for which comes from Cakewalk author Kate Moses's blog. As my friend Zorina put it, the caramel icing tastes exactly like the inside of a See's Bordeaux chocolate. But better! Because of the salt. After a day or two the salt melts into the frosting which doesn't look so pretty, but you shouldn't have many cupcakes left. 

If this keeps up I'm going to find it just as unthinkable to eat an unsalted dessert as I do an unsalted steak. This can't be a good thing. 


  1. Yum!! Can I presume you didn't use the recommended 85% cacao bittersweet chocolate?

  2. Those cookies were amazing. Flavor, texture, salt, everything.

    They look lonely in that photograph.