Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Slipping through my fingers

I was all set to go forward with Rick Bayless, but Diana Kennedy's banana vinegar recipe changed everything. I MUST make banana vinegar. 

So, I'm going to do both Rick Bayless and Diana Kennedy. Like a bakeoff, at the end of which I will know, once and for all, who is the #1 Mexican cookbook writer. I've wondered for years. 

Last night's meal confirmed that Mexican cooking is an ordeal. We had chicken enchiladas with tomatillo salsa, rice, and guacamole. My able assistant and I used every saucepan and skillet in the house, plus the Cuisinart, and the dishes were not all washed until mid-morning.

I also made margaritas, which I rarely do and never should, but just did again.

Speaking of margaritas, a commenter directed me to this site. Uncanny! I am not drawn to her margaritas (Corona???? frown.) but she did a really amazing job with her macarons


  1. hey there, Tipsy.

    Don't knock the beer in margarita concept until you try it. Sounds totally bizarre, but the malt adds a little something... The recipe that spread like wildfire among my friends a couple years ago has beer in it. Extra tasty.

  2. Okay, Daney, I will try that recipe. It really does sound terrible, but will give me excuse to have one more go at the margaritas before cleaning up my act.

  3. Melvil Dewey8/27/09, 7:34 AM

    I think you should come up with an algorythm for empirically comparing Bayless and Kennedy. Some of the metrics might include: 1) Total weight of food consumed by Owen on the respective Bayless and Kennedy evenings; 2) Total mileage driven to acquire exotic ingredients; 3) Total hours used in completing recipes; 4) Comparative number of satisfied expressions uttered by family members after consuming Bayless and Kennedy dishes; and so on.
    Start counting...

  4. Melvil Dewey8/27/09, 7:38 AM

    Or an ALGORITHM, maybe.

  5. Still seems to me that one should just spend the $25 it costs to get more than enough Mexican takeout.