Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Culling our rooster

I guess we're going to do it ourselves. I had more fortitude before I saw this video. The thrashing got to me, plus I don't have a bucket with a hole cut out for the bird's head.

But my father's on his way with his knife. The rooster must go tonight. He's crowing as I type, and it's embarrassing. I'm surprised at how embarrassing I find it. Like, I might go out and wring his neck with my own two Clampett hands if he doesn't stop calling attention to us.

(Thanks so much for the funny Sunset link, Azure Song.)


  1. Oh, good luck. As respectful as Novella's descriptions were, they almost made a vegetarian out of me.

  2. why does this remind me of an episode of green acres?

  3. "But my father's on his way with his knife..."

    more like Slasher stuff.

  4. hey, don't leave us hanging like that. we're all awaiting the report from the slaughterhouse.
    and there will be pictures, right?

  5. Send me your email, Anonymous, and I will send you a doozie of a picture.

  6. "My father's on his way with his knife" can't help but evoke the great first sentence of Charlotte's Web: "Where's papa going with that ax?"