Friday, July 17, 2009

Walking around Saigon feeling like a giantess

That's a picture of the hotel breakfast. My hotel breakfast. My father forbade me to photograph his plate because he got scrambled eggs and bacon and he told me he doesn't want to become a "joke" in my blog. Too bad! Scrambled eggs and bacon? Hmmph.

The rice soup was completely bland, but alongside the tureen there were platters of pickled cucumbers, finely shredded pork, fried tiny fish, and salted eggs that you could add to provide flavor. I added a lot, and the soup was fantastic. I've read about this kind of Asian porridge, but never had the pleasure of eating it.

After breakfast, we walked around a lot, went to a museum, got rooked by a street vendor, drank some passionfruit juice, ate noodles, talked about the Vietnam War, wrote postcards, perspired. It's extremely humid and there are millions of motor scooters. Altogether, unbelievably exciting.


  1. How is jet lag affecting you?

    Can't wait to read more posts!

  2. Interesting breakfast, but ... Coffee? The coffee?

  3. It's Jook! (Rice congee.) My dad used to make this for me when I was sick. Sort of like chicken soup/comfort food for Chinese kids. My husband thinks its horribly bland. (He's Japanese; as far as I know, there's no Jook in Japanese cooking.)