Thursday, July 16, 2009

I guess we have to go see some sights, now

Airplane food almost makes one nostalgic for the South Beach Diet.

Pretty displays of Japanese cookies and sweets at Narita airport where we had a 2-hour layover:
And pretty fruit plate in my room at our hotel in Saigon:
The bananas are delicious, and so are the cute furry pink fruits, which I think are lychees, though I've never seen a lychee outside of a can. (Correction: Having looked them up, I think the furry pink fruits are actually rambutans, heretofore unknown to me. Ditto the purple thing that looks like a small eggplant and which I think is a mangosteen. It was worth flying 17 hours to eat that.) No nostalgia for the South Beach Diet now!

We arrived at 11:30 last night. I think it's morning based on adding hours to the time on my computer, but can't be sure because there's no clock in the room, my watch broke, and the window overlooks an airshaft. 

Definitely morning. I just looked out and managed to see a small patch of sky. It is there, and it is cloudy. It is also unbelievably hot. 


  1. Glad you made it, Tipsy! Glad to see your acumen for food photography hasn't suffered from the time or place change. Looking forward to a street-food report.

  2. That fruit looks delicious. Especially the rambutans--they look like those Boobah things that used to be on TV.

  3. I thought rambutan was another word for a lychee?