Saturday, July 25, 2009


My father has moved well beyond the scrambled eggs and bacon of his first morning in Vietnam. Sometimes, he scares me. He'll eat exotic cold-cuts that I don't even want to stand next to.

I've become hooked on these little mung bean biscuits, a specialty of the town of Hoi An:

 They're sweet, the texture gritty, almost sandy, and inside there's something salty and faintly porky. Delicious.


  1. Those biscuits look good.
    Tipsy Farm update: Bees looking good (as far as can be seen from just looking at them going in and out of the boxes).

  2. I want one of those biscuits. They look shortbready.

  3. Any idea what they're using to preserve those cold-cuts? Western style preservatives? ack

    Also wondering if you've any idea if there's any wheat flour in the mung bean biscuits?

    And, generally, for baked goods, do the VN people tend to use mostly rice flour, wheat or?

    Thank again!

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