Friday, November 19, 2010

Pioneer Woman meets Ethan Stowell

 Start with two delicata squash.

Now, cut the squashes into halves and scoop out the seeds.

Slice them up into half-moon discs and saute them in olive oil until really brown.

Oops. I don't know how THAT got in there. One of my little cowpokes doing his chores. Sorry. Another story for another day. Where was I?

Oh right, squash. Put it in a roasting pan, dot with butter and drizzle generously with honey. Plenty of butter. Plenty of honey. Don't hate. Appreciate.

Roast until molten. Mmmmmmmmmm.


Homage/affectionate parody over. For the last 24 hours I've been unable to get PW's sweet potato cobbler recipe out of my head. I want to make it for Thanksgiving, but don't see where it fits -- seems too sweet for a side dish, at least in our house, and dessert is always pie. Thoughts? Should I just go for it as a side?

The squash above is not a PW recipe, though. It's Ethan Stowell's roasted delicata with chestnut honey. This was very tasty, albeit more caramelized than I like. I bought chestnut honey just to see why Stowell specifies it in several recipes and the flavor is indeed distinctive, with almost a metallic edge to it. Don't love it. Now I know.

Even better than the squash, though unphotographed, was the brussels sprouts salad I served with it, made using this brilliant Food52 recipe. Raw brussels sprouts taste nothing like cooked, so even haters should try this. It's fantastic.

Two thoughts about the sprout salad:

1. You could reduce the cheese and still have a delicious salad. I think you could get away with 1/4 cup, if you're at all concerned about calories.

2. She says to serve the salad right away, before it wilts. Actually, it doesn't wilt. I ate leftover salad the next day for lunch and it was crunchy and delicious. The beauty of brassica salads, as I've recently discovered, is that, unlike lettuce salads, they keep. My sister and I have in the last month both become hooked on this Martha Stewart kale salad and I seem to always have a bowl of it in the fridge. Between brussels sprouts and kale, I may never buy lettuce again.


  1. I don't see why you couldn't serve this as a side at Thanksgiving. It's not like it will undermine an otherwise austere, ascetic dinner.

  2. I thought it sounded too sweet too. I've never been sure why Mother Nature's sweetest vegetable is always sweetened with more sugar- or worse-- paired with marshmallows!

    I wonder if the topping could be put on unsweetened potatoes? That would cut out a whole cup of sugar.

    I have lots of winter squash right now- I'll have to try them with honey. Maple syrup and pomegranate seeds have been suggested too.

  3. Georgia Jewel11/19/10, 4:50 PM

    I, too, have become a fan of PW and that salad gives me a reason to buy a mandoline. Boy, its great to have you back, Tipsy!

  4. That kale salad looks like my new best friend.

    Your parody was spot-on and made me snort.

  5. I love the photo of your cowpoke at work. Why can't I go anywhere without tripping over kabocha squash? It seems to be the darling squash of late. The delicata looks delicious...maybe with regular honey and chopped chestnuts? I'm going to try the brussel sprout salad. I was on a cabbage salad tear but it waned. I need a new salad. Thanks!