Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving miscellany

Why I'm not brining. *
1. We're hosting Thanksgiving. I decided not to brine and instead to pre-season the bird as recommended in this recipe. Much neater and easier. We'll see if tastes as good.

2. Isabel wants to bake all the pies -- pumpkin, pecan, chess, and chocolate. I feel both happy about this, and displaced. Mostly happy, though. And proud.

3. Owen left the lid off the garbage can of goat food (again) and it got rained on. When I went out yesterday morning it was like forty pounds of gruel. Soon it will be forty pounds of moldy gruel. He loudly denies that he left the lid off, insisting that someone else did it. The likelihood of this is practically zero, but I can't prove it and therefore can't make him pay for the replacement goat food, which is what I wanted to do.

4. Speaking of goats, we all love our short, dumpy goat Peppermint more than our tall, beautiful goat Natalie, though we try not to show it. Do we love Peppermint more because she has a better personality, or does she have a better personality because we love her more? I worried that because she lived in our house for a month as a baby, cosseted by adoring humans, Peppermint would end up spoiled and high maintenance, like the cat in Babe. Quite the opposite. Peppermint is mellow, quiet, and droll. It's like she never doubts we'll take good care of her, whereas Natalie, who has always lived outdoors like a proper goat, seems less confident that we'll come through for her. She's clamorous and demanding, perennially anxious, really obnoxious. There's a lesson in here somewhere.

5. I saw 127 Hours. It's not for everyone, but I liked it a lot. If nothing else, it will make you feel thankful.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

*photo credit goes to this site.


  1. I'm hosting, albeit another family of four, so only 8 of us, but I didn't feel like making a turkey, esp. as I don't think my 4 and 7yo boys would eat it, so I'm making chicken noodle casserole instead. It's cold here in MN, so I want warm comfort food.

  2. Chess pie! We didn't have any this year, but it was my dad's favorite (he was born in Tennessee). Enjoy a slice for me!

  3. I made that same recipe! it was great...I didn't rinse the turkey post rub--just brushed the excess salt off and I never used the lemon oil (I forgot :)) but it was delicious/moist/etc...hope it worked as well for you!

  4. I'm so very glad to have you back, and Peppermint rules. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Dr. Sears would say that your goats are a perfect example of how attachment parenting produces more secure, happy children. I am intentionally avoiding all kid puns.