Thursday, August 14, 2008

Farr's Grape Ambrosia Sherbet

That is my sweet daughter, eating Farr's grape ambrosia sherbet and rebuking her little brother. For what transgression? His existence. At any given moment, it is fair to assume that Isabel is planning to rebuke her brother, rebuking her brother, or trying to figure out a reason to rebuke her brother. 

It is not a lot of fun to watch, but as an older sister myself, I do understand.

Yesterday, we were in Ogden, Utah and made a beeline for Farr's. There were a few surprises in store.

a. It is actually called grape ambrosia sherbet, which I had forgotten.

b. It has a really zippy, fizzy taste, which I had also forgotten and which is reminiscent of nothing so much as Fanta grape soda. 

Alice Waters would not approve. Oh well. 

I may declare my quest for the Farr's grape ambrosia sherbet recipe closed. I can eat the real thing whenever I'm in Ogden, and the rest of the time make my slightly different version (based on Claudia Fleming's recipe) with fresh concord grapes and walnuts. 

But I do think I'm going to start calling it grape ambrosia sherbet. Such a pretty name.



  1. I thought this was funny that I came across your post. Not to long ago I posted about Farr's grape ambrosia. It has been a family favorite since I was a little girl. When we pass through Ogden we now have them pack a 3 gallon bucket in dry ice so we can take it home. :)
    Marcie @