Monday, August 25, 2008

Alice Waters: Biscuits

Ever since we first made the 1-2-3 biscuits from Best of the Best from Alaska back in July, Isabel has baked maybe a half dozen batches of these very tasty biscuits. They're made with flour, baking powder, oil and milk -- humble ingredients, but no on has complained.

Yesterday, for comparison purposes, I convinced her to try Alice Waters' recipe for cream biscuits (Simple Food), which calls for butter instead of oil, and cream rather than milk. 

How were they? Unbearably good. They tasted like soft, warm shortbread -- except not sweet. Jam was superfluous. After biscuits like these, I'm not sure we'll ever go back to 1-2-3. Which makes me strangely sad.


  1. the sorbet! you forgot to mention my favorite part of the meal again! just like with the potatoes oh well anyway to those of you who wonder what else we had it was grape sorbet, not concord, salmon and a salad which was, according to my mother, to bitter.

  2. we had muscat grape sorbet, and it was lovely. You're right, Thanksalot. But it wasn't as good as the biscuits.
    And the dandelion salad WAS bitter -- so bitter that I don't think you ate any.
    So there.

  3. I axshally liked the bitter dandelion salad. this meal was across-the-board super. but one could live on these biscuit pucks alone.

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