Friday, August 08, 2008

Alice Waters: A Salad a Day. . .

Another Alice Waters Rocket Salad with Parmesan (SF), but this time I tried the exciting "variation" that includes toasted walnuts. 

It's hard to believe there are people so timid or clueless that they need to be told they can add toasted nuts to a salad. 

But maybe there are. 

It was a damned good salad.


  1. I've never made a salad from a recipe before, but i think it's time i tried. i bed i'd find out that all of my salads could be much better. tiny copyediting question, you noted that recipe as (SC) but i can't figure out which book that is...

  2. Thank-you, Balabanian. I keep mixing up Simple Cooking with Simple Food. I fixed the error.
    I made an arugula salad last night without a recipe, and was startled out how much LESS GOOD it was than the recipe. So I guess we really can use recipes even for salads.