Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Alice Waters: Cooking Therapy

We've all been in a funk around here.


a. No one came to work on our house, which is still missing walls, lighting, and cabinets

b. Mark was attacked by a freaky double-barreled migraine

I modeled good coping behavior for my daughter. We dropped by the Spanish Table, I bought a bottle of wine, came home, and started drinking. 

I also cooked:

-Minestra Verdissima (Cafe). A chopping-intensive vegetable soup with a rich chicken stock base. Nothing new or exciting, but very healthy and worthy.

-Tuna Confit with Green Beans and Shell Beans (Cafe). Interesting dish. You cook the tuna slowly in 3 cups of olive oil (see above), then toss it with the beans and a vinaigrette. Serve with aioli -- which uses another cup of olive oil. Extraordinarily delicious, but what's with all this olive oil, Alice? Even if I restrict myself to the daintiest portions, I can feel all my fat cells rapidly and happily expanding.

-Pear ice cream (Desserts). Can the delicate, evanescent fragrance of pear ever really be captured in an ice cream? It can! Lindsey Shere's pearly ice cream is an amazing treat. This recipe is a keeper. 

Not everyone enjoyed the dinner. Not everyone is thrilled with tuna confit and pear ice cream. Some of us would be happier if I served Top Ramen and Eskimo Pies every night.

Some of us had tantrums. 

And this morning, some of us had hangovers.


  1. You should thank me for eating dinner with you that night. Also she bought two bottles of wine.

  2. You little rat! I did buy two bottles of wine, but I only drank half of ONE. Have a nice first day of middle school, DEAR.

  3. I don't see a deer.

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