Monday, August 18, 2008

Alice Waters: Roasted Squid

I knew better, and I did it anyway.

For dinner I made Alice Waters' Roasted Squid with Breadcrumbs and Oregano (Cafe), with her carrot salad (SF) on the side. The results were received exactly as I had expected: very, very badly. 

So Mark and I ate most of this fairly tasty dinner ourselves. To accompany the squid I made a really excellent, pale green, super-garlicky aioli. I'm sort of hooked on this whole mayonnaise/aioli-making process, which is not necessarily good news.

For dessert, I baked an apricot galette (Fruit) using apricots I brought from Utah. It was very handsome and elegant, but a galette is not quite as delicious as pie. It's a little austere, and you can't dig into a slice of galette the way you dig into a piece of pie.

I also just prefer the word "pie."


  1. i thought the carrot salad was pretty good i liked it. but think of all those squid that died for that meal which you knew wouldn't turn out good. how could you?! my compliments to the carrot salad.

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