Friday, August 29, 2008

Alice Waters: Slow Dinner

Last night, my favorite restaurant in Mill Valley, Small Shed Flatbread, hosted a lovely, hippie-ish "Slow Dinner" as part of this weekend's Slow Food Nation festivities. 

On the menu, barely touched by the hand of a chef, were: corn, baby mustard, yuzu, miyoga, maitake, sea vegetables, piquillo peppers, shell beans, forest fungi, turnips, sungold tomatoes, baby squash, potatoes, rapini, lettuce, tomato, beet, watermelon radish, ancho cress, strawberries, and Kadota figs.

As a celebration of local, seasonal bounty it was beautiful and impressive. As a meal it was. . . light. I think my father may have stopped at In-and-Out Burger on the way home. 

Much wine was poured. My memories are cloudy. 

I have tickets to additional Slow Food Nation events today, which -- if I can muster the energy to attend -- may help shape my thoughts on this interesting culinary movement so dear to Alice Waters' heart.


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