Friday, July 09, 2010

Even worse food styling than usual

This is how I eat when my family is not around. 

This is how I drink when my family is not around: not at all. Last night I opened a bottle of beer, drank a few sips, realized I didn't want it, and poured it into the cyclamen. Who wants a foggy head when you get to spend the evening on the sofa in a TOTALLY SILENT HOUSE watching In Treatment DVDs, one after the other, until you realize you loathe every single character, most especially Melissa George and Embeth Davidtz? No one. Bliss. I would have made a great spinster.
But without my family, I've had no one to cook for, no one to inspire and aggravate me into writing my blog, hence the inactivity.

My children and husband are on the New England seashore eating lobster rolls and french fries. They sent me a picture:
He comes back tonight, but the children will stay for a month with their grandparents and cousins, an annual tradition they look forward to for the other 11 months of the year. As do I -- almost as eagerly as I start looking forward to their return a week or so after leave. I won't be cooking much from Stir until they get back, though I did make Barbara Lynch's citrus cured salmon, which is rich beyond belief. More on that irresistible, sickening salmon later.

In other news, here's my review of Allegra Goodman's new novel The Cookbook Collector which wasn't really about collecting cookbooks. I was sorry about that. While I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I also completely agree with this amusing review by a critic who didn't. 


  1. Is that arugula and boiled new potatoes?

  2. Yes. Tiny new potatoes from the garden. I've never grown potatoes before and they turned out to be really easy.

  3. Maybe it's just because I love new potatoes and greens, but that looks like a beautiful dinner. Sometimes simple really tastes best.

  4. Did you see this chicken vote coming up in November in Bishop, CA?,0,2590442.story?page=1

    I'm hoping to send my kids to Hawaii when the time comes. How old were your kids when they went to New England without a parent?

  5. Azure -- Isabel stayed in New England without us when she was 18 months old. For a week. Gulp. I can't quite believe we did that. She survived fine, but I now think that was too young.
    Owen was, I don't know, six or seven? There are a lot of kids there -- cousins, second cousins -- so they have huge fun, though I know by the end they are always lonely and homesick.
    I think any child would be lucky to have family in Hawaii.

  6. Tipsy...I miss you. Please take a picture of your morning coffee or something and write about it. Please.

  7. Me too! There must be something you are cooking for your husband. At least update us on the bees, goats, and whatever else is going on.

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