Sunday, May 09, 2010

She is, after all, a herd animal

While I was in San Diego, the goat -- she's been named Peppermint, though everyone still calls her "the goat" -- started sleeping in Owen's bed. I would not have allowed this, but the damage is done. She arose early this morning for some milk, then scampered back to bed with him. When he got up, she moved to the bed where Isabel and her friend are sleeping. She's very clean; disposable diapers do their job. But it's going to be tough for her when she moves outside to a shed.

On another topic, I ran out of reading material in San Diego and shelled out for a hardcover of Sue Miller's Lake Shore Limited. Worth the money. I used to think of Miller as a "mom" writer because all the moms whose children I babysat in the 1980s had copies of The Good Mother up on their shelves. Fifteen years later, I finally read one of her novels. A month later, I'd read all of them. I'm only halfway through Lake Shore Limited, but so far: A+. This review gets it just right.