Saturday, May 08, 2010

From the San Diego Airport

Thank-you for all your compliments on our new goat! She is doing fine. Or so I hear. I've been in San Diego for the last couple of days

Weirdest San Diego meal: a live sea urchin at the Farmers' Market this morning. After telling me how delicious it was, the fish guy cracked the urchin in two then handed me both halves and a spoon and told me to scoop out the yellow stuff. As I ate its insides, the urchin cheerfully, foolishly waved its pink spines at me, which was horrible. The flesh or roe or whatever it was tasted salty and creamy and sweet, but I won't eat live sea urchin again.

Best San Diego meal: a $1 fish taco from the Mariscos German truck. 
Crispy, hot fried fish, creamy sauce, cool tangy salsa. Perfect. Thanks again, Chowhound

In any case, I got done what I needed to do, returned the rental car undamaged, and now go home to husband, children, and kid.