Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Calcutta Kitchen

I was feeling a little sad that my days cooking from Niloufer Ichaporia King's Bombay Kitchen are drawing to a close. Then, earlier this afternoon, The Calcutta Kitchen came in the mail. Okay, it didn't just magically arrive; I ordered it a few weeks ago. And it is mind-blowingly gorgeous, packed with big, vibrant photographs of crazy Calcutta streetlife, festivals, and foods -- kebabs, fried puffed breads, puddings. Look at the colors on that baby! Owen and I spent fifteen minutes paging through it on the front doorstep (we didn't even make it into the house) and he got this glassy, hungry look in his eye. Gazing at a picture of a dumpling, he said, "I just want to reach in and pull it out and pop it in my mouth."

Okay, I guess the food porn issue is real. But I swear it's not the whole story. . .


  1. That's a beat-up car. How much did the book cost?


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