Monday, June 18, 2012

Back where we all belong, however briefly

I'm home from Alaska and Isabel, who was painting a house in rural Tennessee (service project), is home and we are once again a medium size, moderately happy family. There's a lot of roasted salmon in the refrigerator but not many eggs because the chickens have been eating their eggs, which is supposedly a sign that they're seeking the calcium from the shells, but not in this case because they aren't eating the shells. We've started watching The Walking Dead, which is a sick show in at least two senses of the word. I'm rereading some Judy Blume for this online book club and boy does it take me back to lunch hour circa 1978 behind the middle school jungle gym (translation for young readers: play structure.) I want to see Moonrise Kingdom. We are done with Fran Gage's Bread and Chocolate.

Here's what I've cooked over the last few days, all from Gage:

savory bread pudding, served alongside the store-bought sausages and salad. You tear up bread (in this case, Fran Gage's country wheat bread, which I've made repeatedly and am baking again as I type because it is great) and mix with chopped herbs, cheese, ham, milk, eggs, bake. It was tasty, like stuffing, but resistible.

chocolate pots de creme. Extremely dense puddings. I could resist these as well, but my husband could not. My indifference to chocolate disqualifies me as a judge.

chocolate pound cake. Also very dense. Flavored with orange. I can resist this too, but it is more of a struggle.

Last night I brought Gage's brioches with goat cheese custard to my sister's house for dessert. They were beautiful -- I wish I'd taken a picture -- and delicious, but they were not dessert. They were breakfast. This should have been obvious to me just reading the recipe, which produced cushiony, faintly sweet rolls topped with a very scant, lovely custard. Owen and my niece Stella were not pleased and called, not all that politely, for ice cream, and I told them NO ice cream, that we were having goat cheese brioche for dessert. This was commendably stern parent behavior, but mean, grouchy aunt behavior and I was sorry afterward.

A wrap-up of Gage coming soon, plus the new book, which I've already chosen and am starting tonight.


  1. Whenever you like a chocolate recipe I wonder to myself, "Is that because it's so incredible that she is able to look past its chocolatiness? Or is it because the chocolate flavor is wan and insipid, and therefore less offensive to her?" It is hard for me to ascertain.

  2. Oh the latter, Layne. Didn't I mention the poundcake was flavored with orange? A chocolate cake that actually tastes like an orange cake.


    could be as simple as a few golf balls? or is it the zombie chicken apocalypse? I loved The Walking Dead and am anxiously awaiting the Netflix release of season 2.

  4. Ginny -- Why is it taking them so long with season 2? You can't even buy the DVD until 8/28. I'm putting a wooden egg in the chicken house TODAY.

  5. Are you starving your chickens? Sounds like a case for the ASPCA - just kidding! If you figure it out, please let us know what would make a chicken do that? Gluttony? LOL
    Don't feel badly about being stern, although I would hardly think that telling people to eat what you cooked is really stern. Did they even try it? If not, you were not stern.

  6. Aww the hens just missed you and the kitchen scraps! They'll be back to normal before you get this comment ( like I'm an expert)

  7. I just saw Moonrise Kingdom and loved it. I have mixed feelings about Wes Anderson. I either love or hate his movies. Rushmore--loved, the Aquatic Life--hated. Anyway, the set and music are beautiful, as is the sweet story. Well acted, and I felt it was moving. Just had to share that.

  8. I've been rinsing, baking and then pulverizing the egg shells, mixing them into greek yogurt with a little flaxseed meal and giving that to the chickens for a treat. High in calcium. But as you say, calcium may not be the problem.


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