Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Scary? Depends who you ask

As of yesterday morning, there was a mighty oak growing out of the hill right outside our front door. The tree listed toward the house and seemed to be getting closer every year and the trunk was now less than a foot away. Whenever there was a storm, I worried, especially after a giant oak crashed into the street a few years ago. Lying out on the asphalt, that tree was a monster. What were the chances this oak would fall and destroy our house and possibly humans inside the house? Modest, but not zero.

before, from the other side
Now the chances are zero.

My husband wanted to keep the tree. It was a beauty and fairly healthy and I can see his point of view, but I couldn't go through another winter lying in bed on rainy nights, waiting for the sonic boom.

Someone asked if I could mention in my summaries of cookbooks which recipes were good and which were great. I should and will.


  1. At least you waited until husband came home before you had the tree axed.

  2. husband or no husband, that bad boy had to go. are you kidding? in california no less, where whole houses slide down hills?
    you felled a killer.
    sleep well.

  3. That tree had a twin that "leaned on the house", luckily no damage. Sleep well!

  4. Last summer my husband cut three trees down in our yard and I was disappointed but a few weeks later a tornado ripped out the remaining trees and I was grateful that the trees close to the house were gone before the storm! Unfortunately one of the trees that fell on an electric line blocked our driveway and we were stuck in the house with no electric for a day and a half while emergency services took care of the more severe cases (people who didn't cut down the trees close to the house)

  5. Here in Utah, trees are precious beyond measure, but even so, people at a certain stage of life start cutting down all their trees in fear of the great smash.

  6. Good decision. Now you can make your own stump table!


    I want to make one, but I don't have a stump. Or a sander. It's probably just cheaper for me to buy the one at West Elm.

  7. I've never felt more vindicated than when the arborist looked at The Tree That Scared Me outside of our bedroom and said, "oh yeah, that one has got to go."

    I would not be able to abide a tree that leaned over the house like that. And I think it looks prettier without it. Sorry, birds. Sorry, nature.

  8. seems like you will have a lot more light in the house/yard now...what did you do with all the wood?

  9. Hi Jennifer,

    I recently read about you in P&W magazine. Congratulations on your cookbook! I look forward to reading it.

    Thanks for the tip on the homemade bagels. Can't wait to make those. And, you reminded me about homemade yogurt. I need to start making that again.

    Happy 4th!
    Kelly (parsleyandpumpkins.wordpress.com)

  10. I would have had it taken out too. Some years ago I had an absolutely enormous tree in the front yard fall -- not on the house, which would have been mostly destroyed, but into the street and the yard. That was terrifying enough. Anyway, not that you need approval from a stranger on the internet, but I think you made the right decision.

  11. This is unrelated to the post, above, but instead a foodie question. My husband and I keep a sourdough starter and make pancakes almost every weekend. We use whole wheat and oatmeal in equal amounts and the pancakes are still light.

    My question is in using the starter to make bread. I'm not sure why we never try it. I'm looking for a hearty sandwich bread which needs to last a few days, meaning, with oil. Simple and quick are vital- I'm too impatient for two day rises. If it has a good sourdough taste, I don't object to adding more yeast. Any suggestions? My google searches aren't getting me anywhere.

  12. I have to say that the oak tree has advantages to offer though the glaring fact that it can damage your property, especially your home is inevitable too especially during cyclones and storms. Some home insurance providers covers tress or any material that caused damaged to your properties as part of their policy. Maybe you can try this.

  13. Where has Tipsy Baker gone?

  14. I am missing tipsybaker! I check everyday for a new post. Hope everything is ok...

  15. it is always hard to cut down a tree....but it does have to be done.

  16. missing you. Hope all is well.

  17. I miss her too!! I don't care if you aren't cooking anything. It is more interesting than my house.

  18. Tipsy come back! Are you okay?


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