Sunday, August 01, 2010

Almost as pretty as Smitten Kitchen

I saw a recipe for rhubarb-rose preserves in Linda Ziedrich's Joy of Jams, Jellies and Other Sweet Preserves and since I have both rhubarb and roses just outside my door, decided to make it.

You simmer fruit, flowers, and sugar and watch as the mixture moves rapidly from beautiful this:
to less beautiful but still beautiful this:And then you put it in jars. Here's what Ziedrich says: "A few minutes before writing these words, I opened a six-year-old jar of rhubarb-rose preserves, and for a moment I thought that the roses were blooming in the garden. These preserves can raise you out of midwinter blues into happy plans for spring."

Hope so!

Our garden is basically a catastrophe this year -- it was an unhappy spring -- but the six rhubarb seeds I planted in the happy spring of 2009 have grown to a lush, waist-high forest. Some people say you should wait until year three to harvest rhubarb, but the stalks are so abundant and thick that I pulled a few anyway. This is the leaf from a single stalk, with a big, fat hardcover book for scale:
Bloggers are always coming up with contests. What contest should I set up so I can send the winner a jar of this jam?


  1. No contest just send me a jar!

    Really, you could just ask for comments about rhubarb or jam or something, then draw a random comment.

  2. I agree, although it would be pretty unfair to make you send jam to Europe! Plus I fear they won't let you send it anyway... but anyway, that jam looks really good. Now I regret not having planted any rhubarb- will have to rectify this soon so I can do that jam in oh, a few years? Happy sunday to everyone!

  3. Rhubarb is my favorite, favorite thing. But my provincial palate is afeard of the rose petals--will they make it taste like perfume?

  4. Is "Why I love rhubarb" too corny? S'pose so, but I think there might be a few good tales out there rooting for this vegetable too often besmirched with strawberries--ugh!

  5. Post a recipe for something (not too hard to make) that isn't quite right. Take suggestions on improving it. Whoever's suggestion works best, wins.

  6. Hmm. You could send it to the sixth person to post a comment to this entry.

  7. How about a short statement about why you want the jar?

    I need the jar because I've never tasted rhubarb before; in fact, I'd never even seen it until you posted that picture. Plus, I live in California so you wouldn't be violating any Dept. of Ag laws by mailing it! :)

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