Saturday, August 14, 2010

Catch-up post #1: Wednesday night

Dinner 1: My sister, Justine, and her family came over and we made corn dogs. I used a recipe from Staff Meals at Chanterelle that involves, as all corn dog recipes seem to, dipping hot dogs in a raised sweetened cornbread dough before plunging them into hot fat.

Here's what I wrote about this recipe in the margin of the book in March 2003: "Very crispy-- not too doughy. Tasted good. Quality of the hot dog does matter."


Here's what I wrote in March 2006: "Not as great as remembered -- but not bad. Used leftover batter to fry Milano cookies and now those WERE great."

Here's what I wrote in August 2010: "So greasy. Am I over corn dogs?"

Yes. I think we all are. Justine and I used to fetishize corn dogs based on their "treat" status when our parents took us to the rodeo, but at a certain age any food that entails this
becomes vaguely unappealing.

The homemade corn dogs were edible. We ate them. But the frozen corn dogs I bought to compare them to (see suspiciously tidy, symmetrical golden specimen at far right) were repulsive. Someone actually spit out a mouthful, though I won't say who. I tried to get everyone to explain why these were so disgusting and no one could. Even I couldn't. Maybe it's just the concept of a frozen corn dog?

The meal was not all bad. I made a refreshing cole slaw out of Stir, a basic mayonnaise dressed slaw with some carrots. Not worth buying the book for, but very good.
And dessert was fantastic, engineered by Isabel start to finish. She wanted to invent an ice cream and did so: chocolate ice cream with Nutella and marshmallow swirl. I think she froze the Nutella, but I'm not sure.

She also made the cones:A lot of them broke so there weren't enough to go around, but the shards were crunchy and delicious used to scoop ice cream out of a dish. I need to get her to write a guest post to explain how she did it.


  1. chocolate ice cream with nutella and Fluff??!! fantastic!!!!

  2. By all means get Isabel to write a guest blog. I absolutely want to know how to make ice cream cones! :)
    I really learned something new today, as I had no clue what corn dogs were. I always thought they were some kind of fried corn, but I had no idea there was a sausage in there.... live and learn!

  3. I could eat nutella on a cat turd....we had corn dogs in Korea that had french fries or tater tots embedded in the exterior....they were excellent but I only ate them in the winter when I felt like the calories were useful in keeping me they were about $1.00
    ginny lee

  4. that ice cream was fantastic, a great invention!

    also, i thought maybe i was over corn dogs too, but today they were being sold at a fair i went to and i wanted one pretty badly, so i decided that they are just a very situational craving/pleasure. i.e they need to be out of doors in the sun, they need to be the first thing i've eaten in a few hours, and be the only 'main course' thing i'm going to get to eat, and i have to be somewhere festive with other people who are enthusiastic about eating them.

    you forgot to mention the incredible mustard we ate on those corn dogs- next to the ice cream that was the star of the meal. though that coleslaw was pretty great too.

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