Monday, April 19, 2010

Now is the moment for this kind of crazy

Supposedly a small tub or kiddie pool is enough. Supposedly Indian Runner ducks are quiet and lay lots of eggs. (We also got one Rouen, for variety.) Supposedly they coexist peacefully with chickens if given adequate space. Supposedly I am getting bids on a big wooden fence this week so that our neighbors and their dogs won't have to look at our barnyard. I stood there in the dimly lit poultry shed at Larsen's Feed and said, sure, why not.

In any case, we'll do our best, just like we have with the chickens. Poor little ducklings.
We are not quite crazy enough for this:  


  1. yay duckies!!! and the goat? I;m gonna be an enabler and say do it!! We had one growing up and it made a great pet!

  2. i would love a goat. trying to convince my husband on that one. :) ducks and chickens...i'll take clucking and quacking over an annoying yipping dog any day!!

  3. AHH! You need that goat!

    I did ducks once. Once. Never again until I have a pond far away from my house.

  4. One of the high school aged teachers in my son's preschool had a pair of ducklings last year. I think she was more imprinted to them than they to her but it was darling to watch. Enjoy.

  5. Those ducklings are so cute! Good luck with them....

  6. I know you probably need that fence but it was so nice to drive by and see that little farm developing....a very special yard to look into.....

  7. Please-please keep us updated on how things go for you.

    The hubby and I have around 30 (give or take) chickens, 9 of which are already laying, around 10 meat birds that will be ready for the table this month, and the rest are a variety of chicks that will replace our current laying hens when they stop producing.

    We are looking into completing our catfish/crawdad pond this year, and we too plan on getting ducks for eggs and meat, and eventually rabbits.

    We toyed with the idea of getting goats or sheep, but sadly cannot because of city ordinances.

    Anyway, sorry for the long comment. And more power to you!

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