Friday, April 09, 2010

She needs a haircut

I poured a glass of wine, pulled out my wallet, and Owen and I ordered some chicks the other night. What with shipping, you pay a pretty penny for your chicks when you order from My Pet Chicken, but they offer a huge selection, and you can buy as few as three. Most hatcheries require orders of 25. We requested:

-1 blue Andalusian, because Owen likes its looks

-1 Marans, because I still want chocolate brown eggs

-1 Welsummer, again, it's about the chocolate brown eggs

-2 Easter Eggers, because we still want green eggs and our surviving Ameraucana doesn't lay them

-1 buff laced Polish (see photo at top), to attempt to replace the irreplaceable Alberta Einstein

We have a few slots left and are holding out for a Penedesenca, currently unavailable. We would also like a silkie bantam, preferably black. 

Meanwhile, Owen and I have been reading My Fine Feathered Friend by former New York Times restaurant critic William Grimes. This sweet, droll book recounts the true story of a bossy Australorp hen that mysteriously turned up in his tiny New York City back yard one day and made herself at home, eating the cat food, roosting in a tree, and laying eggs in a little nest. I've read this book twice before (it's very short) and can't recommend it more highly.

Something else I can't recommend more highly: this toasted coconut ice cream recipe. Serve with chocolate sauce.


  1. Georgia Jewel4/9/10, 8:31 AM

    Can't wait to see the new babies. I was re-reading Sy Montgomery's "The Good, Good Pig" last night and thought of your chickens. In addition to her pig, Christopher Hogwood, Montgomery also writes about the Ladies, her chicken flock. I highly recommend it.

    Hang in there. I was a big ole wreck after my mom passed. Taking care of people and animals helped.

  2. Thank-you for this recommendation! I am putting it on my list today.

  3. I want to read that book, because our chickens love cat food, too. They won't stay out of it. They also dig through the kitty litter looking for treasures. They keep finding clumps of pee and poo for some reason.

  4. Yes, get a Silkie! That's what I wanted to buy until I googled "chickens and rats" and scared myself out of it.

  5. Find me a chicken that lays chocolate eggs and I'll be all on it.

  6. So glad to hear you are going ahead with new chickens.

  7. I want chickens so badly.. My neighbor had chickens and our dogs accidentally got out of the house and made a mad dash to the chicken coop..Disaster. It was a chicken holocaust.. We were as you can imagine mortified. So, no chickens for me.. :(

  8. I think not. I think she is fabulous with that feathers. Love it!

  9. I got a Silkie chick at the Bar Ale in Petaluma a few years ago. White.

    They have a lot of chicks going through that store and may know how to find one for you locally..

    Good luck!

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