Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This soup is good food

I bought dried fava beans a few weeks ago to make Moro's fava bean, potato, and cucumber soup, but last night could not find them in the chaos of the pantry. Used lentils instead, with no ill effects. This soup could not be much easier. You cook the lentils (or favas) in one pot, while you saute onions, potatoes, and some fresh dill in another. Add lentils and their liquid to the softened vegetables, puree, reheat, add a big heap of grated cucumber, and serve. 

It was the idea of cool, grated cucumber added to thick, hot soup that drew me to this recipe. It's supposed to make the robust soup more refreshing, and it absolutely did. Recipes like this one -- simple, delicious, and novel -- make me love the Moro cookbook.

Obviously, it is not an exquisite broth you would serve in demitasse cups, but it made a hearty, healthy dinner enjoyed by everyone, even Owen, who puts soup -- "except clam chowder" -- on his list of loathed foods. 

Meanwhile, my mother has been in the hospital for 5 days and might go home tomorrow, though they say that every day. Her appetite is not the heartiest and she eats about three bites of every meal and then we scrape the leftovers into a bag and I take it home for the chickens. I am oddly uncomfortable feeding the chickens pasty hospital oatmeal and revolting overboiled vegetables. It's sad that a person feels creepy providing birds with "food" that is routinely brought on carts to ailing, demoralized human beings. 


  1. The soup sounds lovely, although even the mention of fava beans always makes me think of Anthony Hopkins. Perhaps if you could sneak some into the hospital your mum might be tempted to eat more than just a few bites. I can certainly relate to what you are saying, though. In the days leading up to and then after my dad's quadruple bypass, he barely touched his meals, sending 2/3 to 3/4 back everyday, as I have no chickens to feed at home. It's very frustrating. The lack of appetite, that is. Not the not having chickens part. With luck her appetite will improve a bit when she is able to come home; it's always better to eat at your own table than a tray in the hospital.

  2. Do they let you sneak food into the hospital? If so, I think a nice cup of chicken broth would be comforting.

    I love the idea of grated cucumber! I shall try it. I tried sliced cucumber in lieu of tortilla chips (my parents had run out) and it goes with guacamole surprisingly well.

  3. The soup sounds wonderful

    I know you have a lot to do right now, BUT when/if your life calms down, i just read an article about how in Oregon they recycle the food waste at schools to local chicken and pig farms/backyards...

    Imagine if they did that in hospitals! We could feed all the pigs and chickens in the whole usa!

  4. Hang in there, Tipsy, we're thinking of you and wishing your mother well.

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